Eda Libraries


Ultra Librarian  v.5. 3. 1968

Ultra Librarian is used primarily to complete difficult enterprise librarian tasks that might include multiple CAD/CAE import and exports, process control, revision control and sophisticated scraping of Acrobat and data provider websites.

Adobe Source Libraries  v.1.0.39

The Adobe Source Libraries (ASL) are a collection of C++ libraries building foundation technology to allow the construction of commercial applications by assembling generic algorithms through declarative descriptions.


EDA  v.6. 3. 2024

EDA is a drawing archive. An archive is a database that holds references to drawings, attributes and linked data. EDA collects and organizes drawings.

Euresys Open eVision 32-bit Libraries  v.1 2

Open eVision is a rich suite of reliable, powerful and flexible software tools dedicated to image processing and analysis. Open eVision contains a set of 64-bit and 32-bit libraries designed to be integrated into your C , .NET or ActiveX application.

Microchip Application Libraries  v.1.0

The Microchip Application Libraries includes full source code for the following software libraries: USB, Graphics, Memory Disk Drive, TCP/IP Stack, mTouch Capacitive Touch, Smart Card, and MiWi DE Library.

Agilent IO Libraries Suite LXI Class B  v.15.0.11221

Agilent IO Libraries Suite is a collection of libraries that give you the ability to use your instruments from a test and measurement program, and utilities that help you quickly and easily connect your instruments to your PC.

Barcode Printer for Libraries  v.

Professional barcode printer for libraries application provides convenient way to design library barcode tags, labels, stickers and book barcode images.

Barcode Labels for Libraries  v.

Company offers advanced barcode label design and print software that provides you full flexibility to generate high quality barcode images for libraries and publishers with your fewer efforts.

Barcode for Libraries  v.

Website provides barcode for libraries utility that empowers user to create standard barcode label images having unique identification by applying linear series,

Barcodes Generator for Libraries  v.

Barcodes Generator for Libraries is highly reliable and secure barcode generator software to design specialized barcode labels used in libraries and publishing industry.

Boost C++ Libraries for Linux  v.1.53.0

Boost provides free peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries Boost provides free portable peer-reviewed C++ libraries.

Boost C++ Libraries for Windows  v.1.53.0

Boost provides free peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries Boost provides free portable peer-reviewed C++ libraries.

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